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Site profiles a different charity every day for micro-donations

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There’s something compelling about a website that features something new every day. That’s part of the premise behind the Daily Grommet, of course — not to mention all the daily deals out there. Recently, however, we uncovered an example that flips the concept on its head, in a manner of speaking. Rather than encouraging visitors to buy something different each day, Philanthroper hopes they will donate a single dollar to a highlighted charity. Chicago-based Philanthroper continuously scours the nonprofit world for charities worth profiling on its site; it has a preference, it says, for those that are still young. Then, every day, it picks one to feature on its ad-supported site and invites visitors to donate just a single dollar. Philanthroper takes no cut from donations, which are handled by mPayy; the processor itself takes just 1 percent. Philanthroper currently handles only donations from consumers with US bank accounts. Meanwhile, it seeks new nonprofits to feature. Charities and those in other countries: One to partner with and help expand on either end? (Related: More donations to charity via rounded-up credit card purchasesA donation to charity for each hour wasted online.) Spotted by: Troy Tessalone



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