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Phone company turns stores into US election voting sites

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Boost Your Voice is Boost Mobile’s election campaign turning the company’s storefronts into polling stations for underserved communities across the country.

Millions of minorities in the United States were let down by a lack of resources in the last presidential election. Nationwide chain Boost Mobile realized the business had a solution. Boost Your Voice – Equal Access for All is the company’s campaign (designed by 180LA) to make voting easier.

On Election Day, November 8, many of Boost Mobile’s storefronts will be turned into polling stations. Staff members will voluntarily run them, and the company has offered its services to 817 county election boards across the United States. So far, Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties in California are taking part, as is Cook County in Chicago.

Governments worldwide are using connectivity to increase civic engagement. In Europe, an ethical tech platform provides step-by-step campaign guides. South African traditional fishers use an app to share their real-time environmental experiences with academics and government officials. What other underserved or overlooked communities could use technology to share knowledge?



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