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Personal photo magazine made easy through boxed kit

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There are countless companies that let consumers create photo books or magazines online, but they involve uploading photos and deciding which one goes where; a time consuming process. Launched in 2009, Palo Alto-based Photozini offers consumers a more convenient alternative in the form of a personal photo magazine layout service in a box. Customers order a kit from the Photozini website which is shipped to them the next day. When it arrives they copy up to 150 photos onto the enclosed USB card and mail it back in the pre-paid envelope. Three weeks later their photos arrive as a magazine. Kits are priced at USD 40, and additional copies of the magazine can be ordered for USD 20 by referencing the number printed on the back page. (On a side note: while it may have advantages for in-store presentation, the boxed kit creates a lot of superfluous packaging. A ‘light’ version could have a much smaller carbon footprint.) Less choice can be an appealing offering for consumers, especially those who are time-poor or tech-challenged. How can your brand reduce choice to provide a more convenient service? (Related: Mini web-to-print photo albumsFree photo books for Facebook and Bebo users.) Spotted by: Joelle Cruz



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