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Online practice dispenses self-help physio advice

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Many sports injuries do not actually require hands-on treatment by a professional; instead, patients can often self-manage their recovery with the help of some expert advice. That’s the working premise behind Physiobench, a new physiotherapy practice that focuses purely on dispensing self-help guidance online. Established in 2008, UK-based Physiobench calls itself the first private practice in which physios provide personalised treatment exclusively online. After checking out the wide assortment of articles on the site addressing numerous injury types, patients seeking personalized help begin by completing a 10-minute online assessment. Once complete, that tool connects them with Physiobench’s chartered physiotherapists, who together cover a range of specialties. Patients can choose which physiotherapist they’d like to treat them, and a response is guaranteed within three working days. Pricing for a personalised advice and exercise programme—including a follow-up later on—is GBP 28. There are few things consumers appreciate more than solutions that save them time, money and bother, and Physiobench promises to deliver all three. One to emulate in other specialties, or other parts of the world? (Related: Doctor 2.0 uses IM & sticks to house callsA simpler way to make a doctor’s appointment.)



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