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Picture frame comes with monthly prints by subscription


The Reframe is a picture frame made of reclaimed wood that can be altered each month with a new print sent in the mail.

We’ve already seen a few startups offering a subscription model along with their products, such as the Soma carafe that comes with a monthly delivery of new filters in the mail. Now NY-based designers Holstee have created the Reframe, a picture frame made of reclaimed wood that can be filled with a new print sent each month.

The 5-inch by 7-inch frame is made from 100-year-old Douglas fir wood sourced from abandoned deconstructed houses in Detroit and is crafted to give a high quality and rustic feel. While the frame can house any card or photograph, the company offers those paying USD 50 and upwards a monthly subscription for its illustrated cards. The model enables consumers to change the look of their home each month, while the business benefits from upfront cash and regular engagement with their customers. The video below explains more about the project:

The Reframe is currently available to buy on Holstee’s already-funded Kickstarter page, and customers have around two days left to secure their frame and subscription. Are there other typically inexpensive products that could be upgraded with an attached subscription service such as this?



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