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New mobile handyman service makes the rounds in Helsinki

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While food trucks are popping up in every city and every media outlet, a startup in Finland has found another twist on the ice cream truck concept. Pikku Juttu (Finnish for small things) is a mobile handyman service, offering help to anyone who has a “small thing” that needs to be done, but doesn’t have the right tools, know-how or time to do it themselves. Hanging pictures, cleaning gutters, painting a wall — they’ll tackle any minor job for EUR 35 per half hour. As with regular handyman services, customers can make reservations for a set date and time. But mostly, Pikku Juttu’s truck drives around the city, visiting a different area every day. It has its own jingle, and customers can also track Pikku Juttu’s whereabouts on a Google map, updated by GPS. Payments can be made by debit or credit card, and Pikku Juttu emails customers an itemized list of work done. The trucks are outfitted like tiny hardware stores, stocking common items like smoke detectors, batteries, extension cords, hooks and screws. Customers who want to give DIY another shot can buy supplies on the spot, and Pikku Juttu’s handyman will give them tips on how to tackle their project. The concept isn’t inherently new — knife grinders and other tradesmen roam city streets, too — but its approach to branding and professionalism make it more than a one-man show. Pikku Juttu describes its handymen as nerds, and who knows — it could become the home improvement equivalent of Geek Squad. The company is adding a second van this month, and is seeking qualified handymen to expand within Finland. (Related: Bicycle repair shops on wheels.) Spotted: by Marc Hinnenberg



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