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Consumers vote for a cause and donate each week

Nonprofit & Social Cause

A few months ago we profiled Philanthroper and its application of the “deal a day” premise to charitable fundraising. Now we’ve spotted Pinkdingo, a site that collects USD 3 from members each week for group donation toward a rotating list of collectively chosen organizations. Pinkdingo highlights a different issue each week, such as pediatric cancer or clean drinking water in Africa. It then scours the globe for the best organizations working in that area, and narrows it down to a list of three. On Tuesdays it presents members with that list and invites them to vote by Friday afternoon for the one they like best. The winning charity is announced on Monday, and members each pitch in USD 3 to send it as a group donation. So, if 120 people participate, for example, USD 360 will be sent to the charity that receives the most votes that week. Though the site is still in private beta, more than 3,100 participants have used it to contribute more than USD 72,400 to a variety of causes, Pinkdingo says. Consumers can now request invitations to Pinkdingo’s beta phase on its site. Nonprofits, meanwhile, are encouraged to sign up as potential participants on the receiving end. Either way, one to test out! Spotted by: Troy Tessalone



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