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Post-breakup gifts and support for newly single women

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Living well is the best revenge, or so the saying goes, and that’s particularly true in the wake of a nasty breakup. For women, that can mean selling once-treasured tokens of affection for cash on; it could also mean using that extra cash for a little pampering and indulgence from Pink Kisses. Texas-based Pink Kisses aims to “help women through heartbreak with all sorts of fabulous pick-me-ups,” in the site’s own words. Toward that end, it surprises its clients with a variety of chocolates, flowers, texts, emails and exclusive virtual gifts; there’s even a life coach to help women set new goals and a “Diva for a Day” experience, including a personalized photo shoot. Packages on Pink Kisses range from USD 14 for “The Rebound” — including a 30-day “super goddess action plan,” 3 days’ worth of encouraging text messages and two virtual gifts — to USD 272 for “The Diva,” which includes all of the above plus two life coaching sessions, two weeks of texts, flowers and “better than sex” truffles. Options in between include “The Rockstar,” “The Vixen” and “The Goddess.” Pricing on the “Diva for a Day” photo shoot is available from the Pink Kisses personal concierge. OK, so that’s the female side of the equation taken care of. Now, who will provide something similar for all the heartbroken muchachos out there…? Alternatively, which partner vendors will offer some additional salve to all these broken consumer hearts…? Spotted by: NY Daily News via Jim Stewart



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