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Pintsized interns at Tokyo hotel

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A while back, we featured a theme park that focused on giving children a taste of various careers by putting them to work for a day. While Kidzania is firmly grounded in the realms of make-believe, elementary schoolers in Tokyo had a more realistic option this summer. For a few weeks in July and August, the Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo ran a program for guests aged 3–12, employing them for a day. Children picked one of five different types of work: housekeeping, doorman, front desk, floor service and kitchen, with 72 different tasks to tackle. At the end of the day, the young staffers were allowed to choose their preferred form of remuneration: a gift certificate for books, or a passport for free ice cream every year. Rihga Royal’s informal work experience program was open to children accompanied by an adult staying at the hotel. For an extra JPY 24,150 (USD 210 / EUR 155), parents had the option of hiring a professional photographer to snap shots of their industrious offspring greeting guests or making an omelette. With dual aims of keeping children entertained and encouraging them to consider a future career in hospitality, this seems like a fun program for hotels, restaurants and other industries to try out for size. Just make sure to abide by locally applicable child labour laws 😉 (Related: Dream job holidays.) Spotted by: Mio Yamada



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