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Pizzeria on antique wheels

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We covered mobile pizza kitchen trucks back in 2005 with our look at Wisconsin’s Super Fast Pizza. Super Fast Pizza didn’t make it* but today the Big Green Truck has picked up on that concept and brought it into the Experience Economy. It all begins with a beautifully restored 1946 International Harvester truck—yes, it is green—the interior of which has been converted into an upscale pizzeria, complete with Italian-made wood-burning oven, cappuccino machine and ice cream makers. The wooden sides of the truck lift off to make tables—one for preparation, four for serving; a chimney gets attached, an awning slides out, and presto! There’s a pizza bistro right on the spot for backyard parties, weddings or company picnics. All pizzas are made fresh before guests’ eyes using homemade dough and sauce. A wide variety of topping options include fresh vegetables roasted over the wood fire as the oven heats up. Pizzas are then served buffet-style al fresco along with salad, drinks and gelato for dessert. Rates start at USD 950 for a party of up to 50 people. “What surprises me about the truck is how it instantly creates an ambiance that everyone loves,” explains Doug Coffin, chef and owner of the Big Green Truck. “It has something for everyone: a novel idea, an engineering puzzle, a wood fire, a beautiful antique, a friendly staff making you whatever you want, a cooking show, Ray Charles on the CD player, great food—what’s not to like?” The Big Green Truck currently operates just in the area of New Haven, Connecticut, and it has a packed schedule. Pizza-minded entrepreneurs in the rest of the world—what are you waiting for? Start shopping for an antique truck! Spotted by: Bjarke Svendsen * We’d love to know what happened to Super Fast Pizza! If you have more information, please leave a comment.



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