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Location-based app for sharing social plans

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Just as Foursquare allows consumers to keep tabs on each other’s current activities, so Plancast lets them track what their friends are planning to do in the future. Plancast, the brainchild of San Francisco-based Worldly Developments, bills itself as “the easiest way for you to share events and other activities with friends.” Toward that end, the web application allows users to create inclusive location-based plans and share them with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Consumers begin by signing up with Plancast—something that can also be done via Facebook Connect or Twitter. From there, they can easily find other friends using the service and browse all the plans and events those people have in the works. Sharing plans is simple and quick, thanks to a simple posting prompt; so, too, is getting more details about what friends are planning. Users can follow the plans of people they’re interested in, and they can also limit their own profiles to a select set of friends, according to a report on VentureBeat. Widgets are available to display upcoming plans on a website or blog, and Worldly Developments just recently released a read- and write-enabled Plancast API. A free iPhone app is available, as is one for Android. Future revenue plans focus primarily on targeted advertising, The Next Web reports. There’s no shortage of event-planning sites out there, but most of those tend to focus on formal ones; when it’s just drinks and dinner being planned, Plancast is there to help make it happen. Keep the mass-mingling innovations coming! (Related: With social media check-ins, guests earn hotel rewardsFive online services for getting together offline.) Spotted by: John Greene



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