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More social networks for travellers

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The social networks for travellers are coming fast and furious! The virtual ink had barely dried on our story about earlier this month when we got word of not just one but two more social networks targeting those on the go. Danish Planely, for example, gives air travellers a way to hook up with others who have similar itineraries. Users need only log into the free service’s website or connect via Facebook, and give it their flight details. Planely will then return with information about who else is travelling on the same plane or arriving and departing in the same time frame at the same airports. From there, users can connect with those who look interesting and make arrangements to meet up. A video on Vimeo demonstrates Planely in action. Coming soon from the site will be a way for users to see if their travel overlaps with that of anyone they already know through their social networks, it says. Along similar lines, is Find a Flight Buddy, a new app on Facebook. There, users can enter their planned mode of travel — plane, train or bus — and other relevant details to get information about who will be travelling in the same place at the same time. Meanwhile, Eezeerator, which we featured last year, has also added a find-a-buddy feature to help its users find fellow travelers while waiting at airports or checking into hotels. Add Foursquare to the mix, and this is becoming a crowded space for new startups! (Related: Trip-planning site helps find others to travel the world withConnecting airline travellers for a shared cabLondoners share lifts to Luton airportEnhanced networking for business travellersSympvertising and secrets for business travellers.) Spotted by: Murray Orange



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