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Brands to take turns running airport store

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Pop-up retail is a concept we’ve been covering for years, generally focusing on a store that opens for a limited time in an otherwise unused space. Turning that notion on its head, in some respects, is Planeshop, a permanent store opening soon in the Glasgow Airport that will be periodically taken over by a different brand. The brainchild of the founder of Vacant —which was probably the first pop-up store way back when—Planeshop is billed as a permanent shop with a flexible retailing concept. Brands will take over the store for a limited time, including changing the shop’s exterior graphics to match their identity. Currently, consumers are invited to vote for the brands they’d most like to see in that role. No word yet on how long each brand will stay in place, but once that time is up, another brand will move in and take over, ensuring that there’s always something new to see in the store. Also available at Planeshop will be Planemix, a downloadable selection of global digital music tracks that rotates each month, and “Foodflight,” a selection of tapas and sangria for takeout or in-store dining. Planeshop’s flexible retail concept is patent-pending, the company says, and it seems safe to assume that brands are currently lining up for a spot in the store’s rotating roster. One to watch—or get in on early yourself…? (Related: Retail space helps brands collaborateStore perpetually reopens.)


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