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Planeshop launches at Glasgow Airport, first brand is K-Swiss

Travel & Tourism

Last September, we wrote about Planeshop, an innovative new airport retail concept developed by the pop-up retail pioneers who launched Vacant. Planeshop’s principle is simple: it lets different brands take turns running its permanent store. Now, 11 months later, Planeshop is opening in a former departure lounge at Glasgow Airport. The first brand on rotation at Planeshop is Californian sports label K-Swiss, which will be using the space to sell and market its sneakers and clothing. The store’s exterior is entirely K-Swiss branded, billboard-style, while the interior features black-and-white graphics by a Glaswegian designer. To put it mildly, opening an airport store can be challenging. For brands who want to test a market, launch a new product or reach consumers in vacation mode, Planeshop removes most of that friction. It will be announcing its next guest brand in a few weeks. And the company is thinking big — it aims to open Planeshops in airports around the world. (Related: Nationwide network of pop-up marketing spaces.)


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