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Disposable coffee cup is fully compostable

Food & Drink

The quest for a better coffee cup continues apace. Even as participants in the Betacup contest wrack their brains for a paradigm-busting alternative, Australian Planetware has quietly proposed its own solution: a fully compostable cup and lid. PLAnet cups are not just made using forest-friendly paper, they’re also lined with biofilm instead of petroleum-based plastic. That biofilm is made from renewable plant material; in part as a result, the cups comply with the harmonised European standard EN 13432 and are 100 percent compostable in commercial facilities. PLAnet cup lids, meanwhile, are also made from biodegradable plant-derived material and are fully compostable as well. All printing on PLAnet cups is done with water-based inks to reduce the number of chemicals used. Planetware is also in the process of seeking FSC accreditation from its suppliers. PLAnet cups are white to allow for brand stamps by small businesses; for an additional setup fee, orders of 25,000 or more can have their own logo automatically printed. Coffee shops, restaurants and other purveyors of hot beverages: one to try out on your own ethically minded consumers…? (Related: From pressed leaves, disposable dishes.) Spotted by: Shannon Barry



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