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Platform alerts shoppers to discounts on items they want


hukkster notifies its users when an item drops below a certain price online, enabling all consumers to make the most of discount periods.

Although many shopaholics would love to be able to get their hands on high end fashion, for many it is just not affordable. While sites such as Volga Verdi have begun to offer money off its own range for those with wide online social circles, our latest spotting – hukkster – is helping all consumers to make the most of discount periods, by notifying its users when an item drops below a certain price online. hukkster takes the form of a web browser add-on which enables users to bookmark – or ‘hukk’ – any products they see online that they want to buy but can’t afford at the current price tag. Users can set the cost they would be willing to part with for the item, and the platform then keeps an eye on its price. When it drops below the user-set threshold, either through a sale or as part of a discount offer, hukkster automatically notifies the user. Every time a shopper then follows through with a purchase, the company takes a fee from the retailer for generating the lead. While the site is currently targeting fashion fans – having teamed up with J.Crew, Macy’s and Shopbop – it’s easy to see how this format could easily be applied to any online retail outlet. Currently in private beta, the site reportedly already has over 2,000 active users. One to get involved in early? Spotted by: Hemanth Chandrasekar



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