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Homeit screen

Platform automates short-term home rentals

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A new platform allows hosts to let short-term tenants into the property remotely.

Home-rental platforms like Airbnb are becoming an ever-more popular business. It is estimated that in the UK alone, around 200,000 people own holiday homes, many of whom use platforms like Airbnb to help pay for them. Thousands more seek to rent out their home while they are on holiday. Startup Homeit, hopes to revolutionise this industry. Homeit’s device lets landlords grant access to their property remotely. At the same time, an app streamlines the property management process.

According to Homeit, the device works with every door, internal and external, whatever the physical lock. It can be fitted into old or new buildings, and the company offers all customers a free, on-site pre-evaluation. “We love the concept of the sharing economy. We just want to make it easier for people to enjoy” says Homeit founder André Roque. The platform can help provide remote access to cleaners and tradespeople. Therefore, eliminating the need for the host to be in the same city as their property.

Homeit is already working with Airbnb to allow for easy access control management for each door, specific to a guest’s booked dates. Hosts can just paste their Airbnb listing link on their Homeit dashboard, and then generate access codes for their confirmed bookings. Guests then recieve the codes by SMS, email or through Airbnb’s messaging system. The service joins other tech innovations focusing on property rental and sales. These include a digital for sale sign and a global real estate platform.




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