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Platform makes sure companies keep their promise to reduce deforestation

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Supply Change is a transformational resource which enables anyone to monitor a business' progress concerning deforestation reduction.

Two thirds of deforestation is driven by commercial agriculture and many of the everyday products from some of the world’s biggest companies — including Walmart and McDonalds — are produced using ingredients harvested on illegally deforested land. A growing number of these companies are committing to adjusting their supply chains to help halt the permanent damage to the global landscape, but it has so far been difficult to track whether or not these promises are being kept.

Supply Change is a new tool, created by non-profit groups including Forest Trends, which monitors the progress of businesses who have pledged to improve their sustainability – enabling companies and consumers alike to stay informed about their behaviors. The platform is a transformational resource which collates information about nearly 300 large businesses, detailing their commitment to sustainability in the areas of palm oil, soy, timber and pulp and cattle. Supply Change presents information obtained by Forest Trend’s Ecosystem Marketplace and international NGO CDP, including the outcomes of internal and external assessments and companies’ continuing progress. Since the site is currently in Beta there are many omissions and blank spaces and the project welcomes companies’ co-operation to complete the comprehensive database.

We have seen a number of other projects such as FRDM which aim to promote transparency in business by enabling consumers to easily research and interact with brands about unacceptable working practices. Are there other ways to contrast and compare businesses’ practices to encourage those who need to step up?



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