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Platform creates personalized intros for every sales email

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Nova is a subscription service that writes customized introductions to every client email, so all the sales team has to do is review it.

Prior to artificial intelligence tools, sales forces have had to choose between the quantity and quality of sales emails. Personalized correspondence is infinitely more effective but much more time-consuming. However, we have recently seen a number of platforms such as this tool, which offer the best of both worlds by augmenting email templates with individualized details. Nova is another such service, which creates personalized outreach and followup emails for every client, based on background information and previous correspondence, so that all the sales team has to do is review it.

Nova generates a personalized introductory paragraph for each email, which is added to a campaign template. The sales team can then simply review the email before sending, dramatically reducing their workload while ensuring that recipients still receive eloquent, individualized correspondence. The platform also tracks every message and enables the sales team to monitor each bounce, open, click and reply, so that employees can monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Nova is priced at USD 99 per month. Could similar capabilities be introduced to any other professional email teams?



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