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Platform enables authorities to pay individuals if they bring an end to riots


Tiltor is a new platform which can be used to reward key influencers for breaking up potentially dangerous situations.

Over the years, a huge number of techniques and strategies have been created to help local authorities deal with civil unrest. Many of those methods remain controversial, and it’s possible that our next spotting may be no exception. Designed to assist law enforcement agencies disrupt and diffuse riots, Tiltor is a new platform which can be used to reward key influencers for breaking up those potentially dangerous situations.

To use the platform, authorities must first advertise the action they are looking to achieve, along with the reward they are willing to offer. For example: “The riot disperses for a GBP 100 reward.” The reward and brief will then be advertised to the crowd using location-based technology, and members of that crowd can accept the mission. Should the desired outcome be achieved, each person who signed up to the mission will receive a share of the prize. Of course, even if they don’t actually contribute to the success of the mission they will still be rewarded, but Tiltor believes that in those instances, authorities should simply be content that the situation has diffused.

There is nothing to stop authorities hosting their own group rewards independently of course, but Tiltor does offer the advantages of being a neutral party, able to handle the payment of funds to cooperating participants while keeping their information private.

The platform can be used to influence groups in a range of circumstances, not just riots. For example, it could be used to initiate actions in a sports crowd, or at a club night. But the ability to handle potentially dangerous riots effectively and in a non-violent way is perhaps the most intriguing — however controversial it could prove to be. How else could individuals be rewarded for influencing wider crowd behaviour?



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