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Platform uses Facebook ads to set up dates

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Lovebook takes out Facebook ads on behalf of its clients, targeting potential suitors using the site's inbuilt marketing algorithms

New Yorkers can already increase their chances of finding love while ordering a coffee at the Matchmaker Cafe, and now multitasking love-seekers can find a date without even leaving the world’s favorite procrastination platform — as Lovebook brings online dating to Facebook.

Lovebook takes out Facebook adverts on behalf of its clients, targeting potential suitors using the social media site’s inbuilt marketing algorithms. The dating service believes that by integrating their platform into Facebook’s huge existing user base it can set itself apart from the many dating sites already in existence. Statistically, users do get a lot more potential for their money, since USD 15 will buy them an ad with a reachable audience of 1.2 billion people — of course, only a small portion of these will actually be targeted by the customized ad. Although the company guarantees a minimum of five responses, they can’t guarantee the quality of them.

To use the service, budding romantics fill in a submission form listing basic information and a range of interests. They then send three possible photos to Lovebook, who choose the best one. The ad goes live within eight hours and Lovebook manages responses for the duration of its run. Afterwards, the customer initiates communication with their potential matches by making a friend request.

Based in the UK, the company has already instigated a number of matches. However, while Lovebook may cast the net wider than other services, Facebook adverts are not the most popular medium, and the format may alienate some users. How else could Facebook ads be used more imaginatively?



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