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Platform gamifies call centre work

Work & Lifestyle

EvaluAgent aims to improve employee wellbeing by motivating and rewarding staff through a gamified system.

Call centers rely almost entirely on good customer service, but the repetitive nature of the work and quantitative measuring can create an unpleasant working environment. Now, EvaluAgent aims to change call centre jobs for the better, by gamifying the work so as to motivate and reward workers.


We have seen gamification used to encourage workers to live more healthy lifestyles and EvaluAgent works on the same premise that points systems and rewards can work as incentives to brighten up monotonous tasks. To begin, managers use the platform to set goals for teams and individuals according to the targets of the business. Then, employees can win accolades and rewards for reaching their targets. These can be anything from Amazon vouchers to an extra day of annual leave. Workers can also monitor their performance and that of their peers on a leaderboard to encourage friendly competition and consistency across the team.


EvaluAgent also provides a monitoring and coaching system, which uses the information collected through the gamified platform to help managers gain a better understanding of the successes and failures of their staff. The UK-based startup is already working with companies such as Bupa, Premier Inn and Cineworld. Could similar tactics be used in other customer service areas?



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