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Platform helps clients track contractor billing in real time

Financial Services

Viewabill enables clients to monitor their contractors' work hours and expenditure in real time, helping them to keep bills under control.

While platforms such as Blippy have provided a way for consumers to share their every purchase, they can still remain in the dark about how their money is being spent by the businesses they use, especially when it comes to hired professionals whose costs can grow as the job goes on. Viewabill enables clients to monitor their contractors’ work hours and expenditure in real time, helping them to keep bills under control. Initially designed for those dealing with attorneys and accountants, Viewabill works with professionals’ existing time sheet and invoicing software, providing clients with 24/7 access to the activities they’re getting billed for. Rather than waiting until the end of the billing cycle to discover the cost for a job is much higher than expected, or that a problem made the project go over budget, Viewabill enables clients to use mobile or tablet devices to see exactly how their contractor is spending their time and money. Any important matters can be settled at the time – instead of weeks or even months afterwards – meaning that issues aren’t all raised in one go and clients are more likely to get paid on time. Companies and contractors can also become ‘Viewabill-certified’, illustrating their trustworthiness and potentially boosting sales. The video below explains more about the service: The transparency that Viewabill offers aims to create a greater relationship between professionals and their clients, avoid unexpectedly high bills and help both parties save time and money. Are there other industries where open models such as this could be profitable for businesses and their customers? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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