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Recruitment platform profiles personalities for team fit

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Recruitment software uses personality analysis algorithms to suggest how well potential recruits will fit a team.

Personality tests have existed for decades, but in recent years we’re seeing the data being used to create algorithms to benefit businesses, such as this platform that optimizes communication depending on the recipient’s personality. Now targeting recruitment, Saberr have developed a method for predicting how applicants will fit into a team.


To use, businesses first ask its current employees fill out a personality questionnaire, with 70 questions such as ‘would you rather be normal or weird?’, and ‘would you prefer good or interesting things happen to you?’, and note how important each answer is to them. Each employee then receives a score based on values intrinsic to performance, such as organization and creativity. When new recruits apply, they also fill out the questionnaire, and Saberr applies algorithmic analyses to determine how well the applicant is likely to bond with the whole team, and how they will work alongside individuals within that team. Saberr’s recruitment platform is available to businesses from GBP 150 per month, for a 15 member team and unlimited candidate testing.

How else can algorithms inform recruitment?



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