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Platform helps optimize emotion in web content

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Toneapi is a platform that helps companies optimize the impact of their content by analyzing its emotion and tone.

Digital analysts are increasingly examining content from a more human perspective — we recently saw Crystal help users compose empathetic emails. Now, UK-based Toneapi is enabling brands and businesses to maximize impact, by understanding the emotion and tone of their content.

Toneapi provides detailed feedback of the types of emotional impact content is likely to elicit based on word analysis algorithms. Users receive information about positive, negative, or neutral associations with certain keywords and sentences. These then build up an overall tone score for the document — are users seeking to drive action, or provide neutral, passive information? Using a Chrome extension, users can also analyze their own — or competitors’ — preexisting web content.

Currently in invite-only Beta, Toneapi has already been used to calculate the top 20 happiest celebrities on Twitter by analyzing tweet word content. How else can more emotional analytics be used?



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