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Platform helps small businesses offer their employees big perks

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AnyPerk is a service which enables businesses of any size to offer their employees rewarding perks. It can then send reminders to those employees when offers are available nearby.

The larger the company, the big the perks — usually as a result of mutually beneficial partnerships with other companies. Now, AnyPerk enables smaller businesses to offer their employees similar benefits. The start-up recently raised USD 8.5 million in funding to expand their platform and build out a mobile app, which sends employees reminders of perks when they are near participating venues.

Businesses can subscribe to the platform on a monthly basis, paying from as little as USD 7.50 per employee per month, for a midsize business. AnyPerk gives workers access to over 850 pre-negotiated deals, offering up to 50 percent discounts across a huge range of products and services. There are entertainment deals such as 40 percent off at AMC cinemas, special rates at small and large restaurant chains including Applebee’s and Munchery, and travel, fitness and clothing discounts.


Employers can create a customized set of offers which best suit their brand and working culture and they can monitor and manage the perk uptake, accessing analytics which tell them the most popular deals and how much money has been saved overall. AnyPerk are also working on a feature which will enable employers to offer individual rewards in the form of perk credits — a specific dollar amount which employees can use towards gifts of their choice from the AnyPerk platform.

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