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Platform lets travellers find the perfect locals for tailored nightlife tours

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Zoolafix connects visiting party people with a local "Fixer" to show them the town.

Since launching in 2008, Airbnb has been at the centre of a travel revolution — one which places personal touch and uniqueness of experience at the top of its priorities. The success of the service has inspired numerous other social-orientated business schemes such as EatWith — which unites hungry travellers looking for a local home-cooked meal with local residents who want to meet and cook for new people.

Now, Zoolafix are offering visiting party people the chance to experience authentic nightlife in London or New York by setting them up with a “Fixer” — a local nightlife extraordinaire. Users browse the online profiles of potential Fixers and choose someone who matches their nightlife interests. Profiles detail what type of nightclubs and parties the Fixer is most interested in and their fee for the night — these are chosen by Fixers and range from GBP 70-250. Guests can talk to the Fixer via a secure on-line messaging service to arrange their night out.

Fixers are booked for a minimum of 6 hours and are responsible for everything from organizing entry to clubs, queuing for drinks and ordering taxis at the end of the night — but their main task is to show the guests a good time in what might otherwise be an intimidating and overwhelming city.

Zoolafix take a 20 percent cut of the Fixer’s fee and all participants are vetted and encouraged to link themselves to other online profiles for verification. Both Zoolafix and EatWith have created community marketplaces which enable visitors to explore their destination in a social way, giving them access to that elusive local knowledge. Are there any other personalized services which could help visitors have an authentic experience in a foreign city?



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