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Speed reading platform uses visual cues

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Read Good enhances reading speed and comprehension by presenting single words with symbolic images.

For those who remember, Spritz was named one of our top 10 business opportunities of 2015. Its ‘text-streaming’ technology enabled users to double and triple their normal reading speed. Now aiming to have a similar effect, Read Good is helping boost users’ reading ability by attaching visual cues to each word.

Based on Rapid Serial Visual Representation, developed to enhance speed-reading ability, Read Good’s platform displays a single word at a time, and pairs them with semantically associated visual cues. Single word presentation helps alleviate the problems dyslexics can face, such as losing the line they were on or having all the words jumble up on the page, and pairing the words with associated pictures aids comprehension and improves word retention. Read Good’s platform will enable users to browse sites, as well as have access to 250000 free ebooks. Check out their prototype below:

Read Good provides an alternative to Spritz for those who comprehend images better than text. Could this tech be made into a notification wearable, similar to the Uno Noteband?



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