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Platform for monitoring educational apps gives learning reports

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EnderMetrics is a cognitive analysis platform that enables children's app developers to track their users' learning progress.

Educational apps are only as good as the knowledge they impart, and while some large companies have developed analytics systems to help monitor their products’ success, most small developers don’t have the resources to do so. Hoping to fill that gap, EnderMetrics is a cognitive analysis platform that enables children’s app developers to track their users’ learning progress, in order to understand and improve their products.

To begin, developers add a few lines of code to their app, which enables them to access data detailing the reactions and educational progress of the young players. The data, which is presented in a dashboard, can help developers understand how successfully their game is advancing the players’ skills — including remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. The clients can then use this information to adjust their program, and better suit the players’ educational requirements or apply what they have learned to new apps. The platform also enables developers to offer learning reports to parents or teachers, and helps them increase sales by recommending similar titles to users.

Are there other niche apps that can benefit from specialized monitoring?



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