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Platform tracks employees' individual achievements in team projects

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PropsToYou is an application aiming to make it easier for management to monitor their employees' progress while incentivizing hard work.

When it comes to team projects, managers have to juggle the tasks of monitoring and rewarding individual’s good work while keeping the entire group happy. We recently saw a social network-like model gamify the rewards procedure in the form of My Corner Office, and now PropsToYou is a similar platform aiming to make it easier for management to incentivize hard work, but this time with an emphasis on monitoring individual employee progress. Like many project management applications, PropsToYou helps teams — particularly those whose members work remotely — to track tasks and keep on top of schedules. However, each individual registering a completed piece of work can gain ‘skill points’, which the program tallies and logs on each employee’s personal profile page. Workers gain points for reaching targets, helping others or unlocking bonuses set by managers for putting in extra effort. Bosses then have a way to easily see who is doing well, while consistent performance will help employees to get noticed. Points scores are updated each week, turning the unveiling of results into a regular event and increasing the chance that they will be looked at. The video below explains the idea behind PropsToYou in more detail:

PropsToYou benefits both employees and managers and, according to the company, is based on behavioral research to encourage best practice in business. How could you make the most of your employees along similar lines?



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