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Could a Playmobil-style helmet encourage young cyclists to stay safe?

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MOEF's 3D printed helmet, that resembles the hair of Playmobil figures, is designed to remove the stigma of safety for child cyclists.

Keeping kids safe and healthy can be tricky for parents — we recently saw a gamified water bottle to assist parents in making sure their kids are hydrated — but Denmark-based MOEF have found a way to possibly make wearing a helmet more appealing to young cyclists.

In a collaboration with Sweden-based marketing firm DBB, MOEF digitally designed and 3D printed a helmet that resembles the hair of Playmobil figures, the idea being that having a recognizable design will encourage kids to wear the helmets. This is a big issue, as MOEF claim almost half of young cyclists don’t wear helmets. With no production plans yet in place, the replica hairpiece helmet remains in prototype phase.

How else could young cyclists be encouraged to stay safe?



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