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Typeface designers launch pop-up font store


It was only recently that we wrote about Podio, the digital software creator that had taken an unexpected leap into the world of physical pop-up retail. Now we see another example of an unexpected venture onto the street, this time with typeface design. Playtype have recently launched their pop-up store for all things font-related in Copenhagen. Based in the Vesterbro, the store sells various wares such as t-shirts, mugs, and notebooks each emblazoned with a letter designed by parent design agency e-Types. It also functions as a physical manifestation of their online shop, displaying a catalogue of fonts available for purchase on credit card-shaped USB drives, according to report in The Globe and Mail. The store will remain open until December 2011, and whilst the physical objects are currently only available on site, Playtype say they are accepting email inquiries about the products. Pop-ups are nothing new, but digital brands such as Playtype and Podio are proving that it can also be a possibility for brands not normally associated with real-world retail. Is it time to reconsider the pop-up opportunities for your brand? (Related: Pop-up store helps launch new software platformAnti-Valentine’s pop-up shoppe.) Spotted by: Parul Rohatgi



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