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Plug-and-play device brings smart capabilities to entire car fleets

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Poland's Cloud Your Car is enabling companies to track driver location and behavior with a device that plugs into any car.

Not everyone can afford to trade in their current car for a model that comes with smart features as standard, never mind businesses with large fleets. We’ve already seen the OBDLink MX WiFi marketed as bringing connected cars to individual drivers, and now Poland’s Cloud Your Car is enabling companies to track their fleets and driver behavior with a device that plugs into any car.

The installation of GPS systems in entire fleets can be costly and time intensive, and there isn’t always a consolidated way to extract data from across the company. Cloud Your Car is a system that uses a small keyfob-sized device that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket. The device has no lengthy installation or configuration process, and connects instantly to the company’s cloud-based management software over GSM. Through a personalized dashboard, managers can see real-time data including location, speed and mileage of each of their cars. The device can even detect aggressive driving and alerts managers.

Watch the video below to see how the system works:

Cloud Your Car offers a simple solution to help managers know exactly where their vehicles are and how they’re being used, driving better business performance and efficiencies. The service is currently available in Europe and selected worldwide countries. Are there other ways to glean real time data from cars while consumers wait for the connected car to become affordable?



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