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Plugin provides video information as users watch

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Filco is an Indian based startup that allows users easy access to information about the places, words, and music contained within video clips.

When it comes to the internet, people are busy and lazy. Anything that can make information more easily available to browsers has a high chance of being adopted. Springwise recently wrote about two browser plugins that save internet users time. This plugin summarizes web content for faster reading and this one searches the internet for better deals while browsers shop. Now Flico is making it easier for those video audiences to access information contained within videos.

The Indian based startup is a Chrome extension. The platform allows users to search the location of a certain landmark in a scene as they watch. It identifies and presents the landmark along with a map and street view so that customers can explore the destination, going as far as sourcing the details of flights, shops and restaurants in the area. The technology can also be used to identify the meaning of unfamiliar words, recognise the music playing, display the song name and even identify information about the products featured in videos.

The plugin is currently only available on YouTube videos. Could this kind of technology be developed for educational purposes?


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