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Plugin searches for better online deals in the background


Wikibuy is a Google Chrome extension that monitors the customer's online shopping and sources better deals for them while they shop.

When shopping online, it can often seem like there is a better deal one click away, but few people have time to thoroughly check that they are getting the cheapest price. Now, Wikibuy is a Google Chrome extension that will do it for them. The plugin monitors the customer’s shopping, and sources better deals on their desired items while they shop.

To begin, online shoppers simply download the Chrome extension and input their payment details. Then, while they shop, the software works silently in the background. Anytime it finds a better deal a pop-up appears in the corner of the screen, telling the shopper how much they could save. If the user chooses the new option, they can complete the purchase with the suggested merchant through Wikibuy in two clicks, because their payment details are already stored. Wikibuy will then track the order and even reimburse the buyer if the recommended seller fails to deliver.

Are there any other plugins that could complete time-consuming online tasks?



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