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Baby clothes for rent by the month

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If the Netflix model works for kids’ video games, toys, adult clothes and cell phones — to name just a few examples — then why not baby clothes as well? That, indeed, is essentially the premise behind Plum, a San Francisco startup that offers baby clothes for rent by the month. Customers of Plum begin by specifying whether they’d like to receive two, four or seven outfits at a time. Plum will then send out an initial bundle of organically laundered, good-as-new items in seasonally appropriate styles and the correct size, all packed in a returnable envelope with a little organic muslin laundry bag. After that point, clothes can be sent back at any time within three months. So, when baby outgrows an outfit, parents can return it to Plum and receive replacements in the next size. Plum does not charge customers for returning stained items, and donates items of clothing that it can no longer rent out. Pricing ranges from USD 16 per month for two outfits to USD 49 per month for seven outfits. Still not convinced today’s transumers are here to stay? Then check out some of the other Netflix-like initiatives we’ve featured. Outright ownership is so yesterday — time to help free consumers from those bonds! Spotted by: Katharina Kieck



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