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Sleep pods offer workers a chance to recharge their batteries

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Most employees would agree that cups of coffee and mugs of tea can only go so far towards keeping them sharp and alert throughout the working day. Aiming to provide a space where workers can better recharge their batteries with a short sleep, Podtime hopes to give a daytime boost to the weary. The London-based company has installed their suite of pods in the busy Canary Wharf area, targeting their services explicitly towards daytime workers. The pods themselves, measuring 2.1 by 1.1 meters, are designed to hold one person for a short nap, with the option to book half an hour sessions for GDP 5.99 or a full hour for GDP 9.99. Podtime highlights the hygiene of its pods, which are cleaned after each use; the comfort of the foam and faux-leather mattresses; and the low noise levels experienced inside the pods, with additional ear plugs provided if required. The user can lock the pod from the inside, and they are asked to leave quietly once the interior digital clock displays that their allotted time is up. There can be no question that a more rested and alert workforce is a better workforce. However, we would suggest that more flexible working hours and a better work-life balance would equal a more effective long-term solution. Nevertheless, one to investigate for time-starved workers in your area? (Related: Rest pods for weary travellersUrban oasis for power naps.)



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