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Poolside climbing walls

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Scramble to the top and drop down with a splash. Made from fiberglass finished with a non-slip surface, AquaClimb climbing walls are a novel addition to public and residential swimming pools. A modular system of 3′ x 3′ (1 x 1 m) fiberglass panels allows walls to be configured to fit any pool width and height. The panels include rock features, inset and protruding handholds, which can be moved around to vary climbing difficulty. Although the default color scheme is aqua (blues and greens), custom colors are available to match a pool’s surroundings. Any poolside product obviously needs to be very safe. AquaClimb states that its walls are safer than slides or diving boards, since children start off in the water, instead of running around the pool’s edge. Also, AquaClimb frames tilt over the water, keeping falling climbers away from the side of the pool. The company recommends roping off a 10 foot area from the AquaClimb to establish a ‘drop zone’. The walls don’t come with weight or age restrictions, and are sturdy enough to hold adults. Prices start at USD 10,490 and average delivery time is four to six weeks, with demand obviously peaking during the summer months. Customers include public swimming pools, summer camps, residential pools, schools, recreation centers and water parks. AquaClimb is manufactured by Pyramide USA Inc., a leading sport climbing wall provider based in Virginia. The company currently only has international dealers in Australia and Western Canada, and welcomes dealer applications ( Spotted by: notcot



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