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Pop-up drive-in movies

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Hot on the tail of pop-up retail, comes pop-up entertainment. California-based MobMov is a drive-in movie system built into a car, that pops up at different locations every week. MobMov, which is short for mobile movie, was founded last year by Bryan Kennedy, a 25 year old web developer who wanted to create a guerilla drive-in for his friends. Before long, friends of friends joined in, and MobMov went public, with movie showings announced through mailing lists. The set-up is relatively simple: install a DVD player, projector, and power inverter into a car, and use a low-power FM transmitter to share a movie’s soundtrack to nearby car radios. Kennedy isn’t in it for the money: there’s no entrance fee, just a tip jar to cover costs, and the vibe is very sociable and friendly. Which, of course, doesn’t mean this wouldn’t be a great, small-scale business opportunity for any entrepreneur who is into movies! Making it easy to get started, the MobMov Manifesto is an extensive tutorial that lists everything needed to start up your own drive-in drive-in.


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