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Pop-up genome mapping showcase

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Late last year we wrote about genome-mapping services, one of which—Navigenics—hadn’t actually launched yet. Well, it just launched this week, and to kick off the event, it’s holding a pop-up demonstration and showcase in the heart of New York City. California-based Navigenics’ Health Compass is a USD 2,500 service that combines a genetic health assessment with genetic counseling and information about the latest discoveries in science and medicine. Using just a sample of saliva, the service gives individuals information on their chances of developing up to 18 common conditions, including Alzheimer’s Disease, heart attack, multiple sclerosis and a variety of cancers. Results are analyzed and encrypted before being made available to the consumer online through a password-protected website, along with suggestions and strategies for preventing or delaying illness. Navigenics also provides access to a personal Certified Genetic Counselor who can help users understand their individual results and create a plan for optimal health. Now, beginning this past Wednesday and extending through April 17, Navigenics is introducing the service through a pop-up health and wellness showcase in Manhattan’s SoHo district, at 76 Greene Street (which has hosted a number of pop-up ventures over the past few years). Members of the public are invited to learn about personalized medicine, genetics and prevention through seminars, panel discussions and other events designed to bring the power of genetics from the laboratory into real life. They can also speak with genetic counselors, physicians and company representatives to learn more about Navigenics’ service. Marketing any new service is a challenge, but that’s doubly true when it involves unfamiliar, cutting-edge technology, requires expert interpretation and is fraught with emotional and ethical issues. In a case like this, taking to the (monied) streets and demonstrating it directly to the people most likely to be interested and able to afford the service makes a lot of sense. The pop-up trend lives on! Spotted by: Luxist via RK



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