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Pop-up learning tool teaches in tiny bites

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“Divide and conquer” is a strategy that can be just as successful for tackling a task as it is for gaining power: break it down into small parts, and you have a better chance of succeeding. Such was the thinking behind DailyLit’s books delivered in bite-sized portions, and a similar notion appears to be at work in Popling, a new online educational tool. Users hoping to learn something new—whether it’s French or trigonometry—begin by signing up for free with Popling and installing its Mac or Windows desktop software on their computer. They then subscribe to specific “poplings,” or topics they want to learn. There are more than 150 poplings currently available, including 11 languages and topics in math, business, science and technology, among others. Based on their choices, Popling’s desktop software will display pop-up flash cards on their computer throughout the day, timed to the frequency they choose. A language card, for example, might display a new vocabulary word, or quiz the user on one they’ve already learned. If the user ignores a pop-up it will go away, but if they click on it, they can see the full version and answer the question it contains. Popling is also available in an ad-free subscription for USD 20 per year. Easy-to-digest tidbits are one of the hallmarks of what our sister site would call snack culture, catering to consumers who seek gratification in smaller, easier-to-handle bites. Why not education, where the flash card already has a long history? Next, how about rolling out localized versions of Popling, tailored both to language and to culturally relevant topics? Consumers the world over are hungry for knowledge—give it to them the way they want it, and you could end up with some tasty rewards yourself! 😉 Spotted by: Tracy



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