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Portable desk enables users to work in any location

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The Field Power Desk from KANZ Outdoors is a portable freestanding workspace that includes power outlets.

Springwise has recently covered new ideas enabling people to make their own beer outdoors and even get online while riding a donkey in rural Jerusalem. For those who need to get some work done when they find themselves in a remote location, a solution may come in the form of the new Field Power Desk from KANZ Outdoors, a portable workspace that includes power outlets. The device fits into a case measuring 11.7in x 25.5in x 15in, which provides a desk 26in high when it is opened up and the legs are attached. Inside is a wooden desktop, a charging strip providing 12V and 5V outputs and a flexible desk light. These are powered by lithium iron batteries and solar panels located within the desk. Small drawers allow electronic devices such as radios or satellite internet routers to be stored when the desk is both open and closed. The desk comes in two options: the Field Power Desk 120 features a 120Watt/hour power pack that can provide around three hours more power for a laptop and retails for USD 1995, and the Field Power Desk 240 offers twice the charging power for USD 2495. Whether they find themselves in remote areas or in an emergency situation, the Field Power Desk can help workers to continue complete important tasks in comfort. How else could urban comfort be brought to those areas where office space is not available? Spotted by: Smith Alan



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