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Portable device instructs users and administers drugs to relieve allergy attacks

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The Auvi-Q is an easy-to-use prescription injection which tells the user — or a nearby helper — how to apply it correctly.

Allergy sufferers having an anaphylactic shock often have to rely on the quick actions of others around them in order to recover, but there may be some occasions where passersby don’t know how they can help. The Press Don’t Panic device can already provide audio instructions in the case of an emergency, and now the Auvi-Q combines that technology with an easy-to-use prescription injection to alleviate the effects of an attack. Developed by the US branch of the France-based pharmaceuticals firm Sanofi, the product is a single use drug container that can fit in the patient’s pocket. If the user has an attack, an injection of the epinephrine can be administered by simply sliding the case off, removing the plastic which covers the needles and pressing the device against the outer thigh for five seconds, before replacing the case. If the patient cannot perform this action themselves due to an anaphylactic reaction, the above instructions are printed on the Auvi-Q and audio directions – including a five-second countdown – act as a guide through each step to ensure the injection is administered correctly. Once used, the device is then sent back to the doctor to be refilled. Sanofil has recently received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to market the Auvi-Q in the country. Are there other easy ways to make sure those with medical conditions get the care they need in emergency situations? Spotted by: Murray Orange


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