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Smart solar

Portable, smart solar panels make renewable energy easy


Boston energy company provides a plug-and-play smart solar system designed for ease of use and portability.

Helping to make renewable energy more accessible is Boston, Massachusetts company SmartFlower Solar. The business’ smart, portable, flower-shaped solar panel system is easy to set-up, maintain and use. And the innovative shape is easy on the eyes. Available in a variety of colors, the SmartFlower photovoltaic system tracks the sun’s movement, making it up to 40 percent more effective at capturing light than traditional static rooftop-mounted panels.

The flower petal shaped solar panels fold themselves up at night and unfold at sunrise, automatically positioning themselves at the most effective angle throughout the day. Rear-ventilation helps the panels produce more energy, and integrated cleaning mechanisms mean that every time the panels unfold, they receive a mini-brush down, keeping them effective longer. In inclement weather, the system will protect itself by folding up the panels until conditions improve.

The amount of innovation amongst renewable energy sources and production is exciting, ranging as it does from housing – including completely autonomous, modular designs – to public transport and amenities such as connected bus stops using free WiFi, phone charging ports and digital screens to entice travelers onto public transport. The challenge remains: how to link and scale successful projects for increasingly sustainable cities?




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