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Posh popcorn with a green twist

Food & Drink

After witnessing the makeover given to traditional foodstuffs like cupcakes and popsicles, it seems it’s now popcorn’s turn. 479° Popcorn is handmade, made-to-order popcorn in flavours such as Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt, Ginger Sesame Caramel and Black Truffle & White Cheddar. Taking a leaf from the book of gourmet wine tasting establishments, 479° offers ‘Samplers’ and ‘Collections’, all linked by theme. Samplers’ five boxes feed 2-4 people, and the Collections’ three canisters are enough for 4-8. Prices range from USD 33 for the Purist Sampler to USD 52 for the Caramel Collection. Aware that posh flavours and presentation aren’t always enough to ensure premium status, 479° Popcorn stresses its green credentials. The majority of its organic fair trade ingredients are sourced from farms close to its San Francisco kitchen, with the popped corn packaged in 90% recycled paper canisters that are also sourced from local suppliers. 479° Popcorn–named for the ideal Fahrenheit temperature for popping corn–is currently available in select Californian stores and via its website for delivery throughout the US. One for boutique cinemas to partner with? Spotted by: Miriam Brafman



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