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Thermoelectric wellies charge festival-goers' phones

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Just as summertime is the season for music festivals, so too has it become the time for an annual parade of innovative and eco-minded phone-charging initiatives to keep revelers’ phones juiced. First up this year? Orange Power Wellies, which use the heat in festival-goers’ feet to charge their mobile phones. Created by Orange in collaboration with GotWind, Orange Power Wellies target Glastonbury Festival attendees with a power-generating sole that converts heat from the wearer’s feet into an electrical current that can be used to charge a mobile phone. Twelve hours of frolicking at the festival in the thermoelectric boots provides enough power to charge a phone for one hour; for longer charging, festival-goers can head over to the dance tent for hotter feet and extra charge. Either way, at the end of the day users simply plug their phone into the power output at the top of the welly for charging. Orange will be showcasing the Orange Power Wellies prototype onsite at the festival, which takes place later this month. Also available at the festival will be Orange’s Chill ‘n’ Charge tent with free charging. We’ve now seen foot-pumped power, dance power and wind power used for festival phone-charging. Keep the eco-powered, festival-targeting innovations coming!



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