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Predictive advertising identifies target audience

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A new advertising solution uses machine learning to predict customer behaviour and improve advertising campaigns.

Programmai is a machine learning solution for brands and retailers to use for advertising. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the tool can create predictive advertising campaigns.

Programmatic advertising is a way for businesses to target their campaigns at a specific audience. A more accurate customer reach increases a business’s advertising impact. It also removes ad spend on those that aren’t a part of the target audience. Programmai does this using machine learning methods. The data collected by Programmai provides insights into the target customer’s traits and behaviours that were previously unknown.

The company’s mission is “To disrupt how advertising is bought by producing ‘predictions’ that enable you to bid smarter whilst anticipating your customer’s next move”. Programmai collects data that enables businesses to make predictions such as how likely it is a consumer is going to make a purchase. The technology can also help in the prediction of the lifetime value of a customer, measuring the entire future potential a customer has.

Predictive solutions are changing the ways businesses operate. While Programmai is altering the way businesses plan and measure advertising, other industries are also using predictive solutions to streamline how a business operates.  A group of hospitals in France uses machine learning to predict admissions. Another example is an app that can predict court decisions using big data. In what other ways can predictive solutions enhance or re-structure how a business operates?



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