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Website encourages shoppers to preorder new gadgets

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The delay in getting goods from production table to retail shelves is a frustrating hurdle for consumers with an ever-increasing lust for instant gratification. Doing their part to help tech-obsessed consumers be the first to get their hands on the latest electronic gadgets, Preorder.It is a new website based out of Saint Petersburg that allows customers to preorder the latest devices in advance, before official sale starts. Consumers can browse through company press releases or search products by brand or category to locate whatever soon-to-be released device they want, and register their interest with the merchant. Merchants then peruse the unbinding preorders left by customers and send them offers. Preorder.It sends a notification email the moment a device of interest is available for purchase, giving site users early access to online bargains. Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs who can bring the future even closer for nowism-driven consumers. What can your brand do to set your “I want it now” customers ahead of the rest? (Related: Real estate 3.0: selling houses that aren’t for sale.) Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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