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Personal device records and plays back life-saving instructions

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For people suffering from conditions such as epilepsy, asthma and severe allergies, there is always the possibility that their lives will depend on the assistance of untrained strangers in the event of a seizure or incapacitating attack. We’ve already seen temporary tattoos for kids used to convey life-saving information in such events, but recently we came across a device that offers a more comprehensive solution. The Press Don’t Panic device allows audio information in any language to be recorded and stored by the wearer for playback when they need help. Instructions with emergency procedures and other essential medication can be recorded ahead of time. Then, in the event of a seizure or attack, either the wearer or a bystander can press the device’s clearly marked button to initiate playback, giving those nearby the information they need to offer meaningful help. Launch pricing on the device is currently GBP 29.99. Medical conditions are one of the great levelers in this world, particularly when the help of strangers is required. It seems safe to say there will always be a market for inspired solutions that make such conditions easier to bear. (Related: Medical comic books for kids explain serious diseasesEmails warn patients about health-changing weatherInternet-connected pill reminder caps.) Spotted by: Ken Green


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