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Fresh pressed juices by subscription, delivered to the door


There appears to be no end in sight to consumers’ desire to reduce their shopping burden by signing up for monthly subscriptions. Now joining the growing list of products we’ve seen offered this way is fresh pressed juice, which can be ordered for home delivery at the frequency of consumers’ choice from Los Angeles-based Pressed Juicery. The juices are produced on a hydraulic press, minimizing oxidation and releasing vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are impossible to obtain with a standard juicer, the company says. Because they are raw and unpasteurized, the juices have a shelf life of just three days. They can be consumed as part of a normal diet or as part of a detoxifying digestive cleansing regimen by which consumers consume nothing but juice for several days. Either way, regular delivery is available for those in the Los Angeles area, while nationwide shipping can be used for cleansing packages ordered in other parts of the U.S. Pricing begins at USD 130 for home delivery of 16 juices each month or USD 70 per day for a three or five-day cleanse. So that’s organic soups, baked goods and healthy snacks that we’ve now seen offered up by subscription for home delivery, not to mention the humble milkman and all the other services outside of food. What frequently used items could you deliver to the door on a recurring basis? Spotted by: Richard Hoare



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